School Bus Conversion

Matt with School Bus
I bought a school bus!

When COVID sent my job remote, I moved my camper to my parents’ backyard to quarantine with them. While there, I decided a house I can drive is preferable to one that I must pull, but since the budget doesn’t allow for an upgrade with all the uncertainty floating around, I thought it would be nice to turn this decision into a project.

So I bought a school bus to convert into a tiny home on wheels.

I won it at an auction on Public Surplus, and roped a friend into driving me to pick it up by asking “Up for a trip to Kentucky?” and conveniently leaving out the part where the bus was a mile away from Ohio. It was a sweltering July drive 300 miles back to my parents’ house where I parked it and tried to figure out where to start for three months.

Currently, I have it at a friends’ house in Nashville. I’ve pulled out the seats, ripped up the floor, cut down the walls, and peeled out the insulation. There was a little rusting on the floor, so I’ve hit all that with a grinder. Next I’ll patch, seal, and paint the floor before insulating and framing.

So far it’s been fantastic to have a project that doesn’t involve staring at a computer screen all day.